Opened in 2019
1000+ Library materials

Located at KCoHAS Campus Klagon-Tema, Ghana


The College Library was established in 2019 with an initial collection of about 100 books.

The Klintaps Library System comprises of the Main College Library and E-library system. The KCoHAS Library is the heart of our college community! It plays a paramount role in the academic life of the institution. One unique thing about our library is that it has a great system for selecting and acquiring books and other reading materials. The faculty members are involved in this process. We have a numerous collection that covers all the different subject disciplines offered at our College. We have a considerable number of books, periodicals and electronic resources available for access and use.

We have an electronic library or E-library system. You can find electronic books and journals on all sorts of courses, and you can have access to them no matter where you are on campus. We have several local and international periodicals to keep us up to date with what’s happening around the globe. The Library is continually ready to satisfy the demands of both faculty members and students. It provides a tremendous study space and all the information needed for teaching, learning, and research.


To position the College Library to contribute to the academic excellence of the institution by providing world-class information resources, facilities and ensure the provision of innovative services that will advance teaching, learning and research.


To provide access to high-quality scholarly information resources and innovative services to meet the individual and collective needs of the college community.


In pursuing its vision and mission, Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences Library will be guided by these core values: • Compassion • Acuity • Resilience • Excellence • Service to community

Librarian's Message

Dear College Community, I am happy to serve as your College Librarian. I dedicated to facilitate a thriving academic environment. My devotion to both faculty members and students is inexhaustible. I am here to offer comprehensive electronic library services. Be assured that diverse materials that enrich your scholarly works are provided.

Objectives: My goal is to create a library where access knowledge will be easy. I am ready to collaborate to ensure that the resources available meet your requirements and contribute to the excellence of our academic community.

Warm regards, Eric Kwadzo Gotah.
College Librarian

Library Rules and Regulations

a. Library patrons are expected to respect the rights of other patrons to use library resources and facilities.

b. Library patrons are expected to take care of all library materials, equipment, and property and must not remove such items from the library without proper check-out or authorization.

c. Library patrons must not engage in any disruptive activity or other behaviour that interferes with the normal use and operations of the library.  Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, verbal abuse, intimidation, or harassment.

d. Library patrons must respect staff members requests to relinquish a computer or other equipment for use by another patron.

e. The library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property at all times, and users should never leave personal property unattended.
f. Individuals who damage or misplace books or materials will be charged three times the current cost of the book or material.

g. Patrons are expected to respect other users by observing silence in the library.
h. Eating in any part of the library is strictly prohibited. 

i. Library patrons who mutilate or misplace library materials will pay the replacement cost.

j. The library is open to only registered members of the Klintaps College of Health and Allied Sciences.  It is therefore an offence to bring a non-KCoHAS student into the library without the permission of the Librarian.

k. Periodically, Library patrons may be required to show your ID card before being allowed into the library.
l. Stealing of library materials and other items in the library will result in a suspension and the case reported to the College authority for further action.
m. Personal items should be deposited with the Library Assistant at the service desk and a tag collected as receipt.  Materials deposited are done at the owner’s risk and the library cannot be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any item so deposited.